The Big Show


I met Dennis Knifechief at Standing Rock in  December 2016. We became Facebook friends and I saw he was a boxer. I called him up and asked if I could follow him around with a camera for a while and shoot photos of him training and living his life. I've been watching him work with his trainer, Vince Cato for two months and on the night of Friday March 24 everyone saw the results of that hard work play out at Firelake Arena in Shawnee, OK. Dennis won the bout with a KO in the 5th round. He did it for a hometown crowd and many loving family members.  

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9:39 P.M.  

Dennis Knifechief and his trainer, Vincent Cato, wait backstage for word from the promoter to enter the arena for Knifechief's co-headlining pro bout against Steven Crowfield.  

9:52 P.M.  

Knifechief takes his corner after round 1. 

9:59 P.M.  

Round 3. Knifechief pounds Crowfield with body shots, putting him into the ropes numerous times.  Crowfield is on the run.  

10:06 P.M.  

Knifechief knocks Crowfield to the ground.  He would take a five count, get up and take two steps towards Knifechief who put him out with a right to the chin.  5th round KO.  

10:14 P.M.  Dressing Room post fight.

Kyler: "How do you feel?"

Dennis: "Like I just got in a fight." 

10:11 P.M.  (top)  Dennis hugs his brother immediately after stepping out of the ring.

10:32 P.M.  (bottom)  Hugging his great aunt who joined many other family members, part of the hometown crowd that made this the loudest fight of the night.  

12:04 A.M.  Glow of the Win.  picking up pizza to take back to his apartment where family and friends wait. Dennis talks about the fight, about sobriety, God and his family.  Conversations with Dennis range from reserved and thoughtful to wildly energetic and moving.  Get to know him a little and you see his life as the perfect metaphor for his fighting style.